About Fun Factory

Fun Factory is a bizarre soap opera that is often funny.  It’s not always funny, but it has jokes in a lot of various places.

Fun Factory is about 10 year old Billy Calrissian, who has survived won a contest to become the new CEO of Funtastic’s Fun Factory Inc.  FFF Inc was founded by Mr. Funtastic, the former CEO.  The contest was created by the board after the company facing numerous problems from the Department of Justice for their very unethical business practices.  The board figured there was no way the DOJ would go after a ten year old child; they’d look like monsters.

Since assuming responsibility as CEO, Billy has to contend with the illegal immigrant workers, former CEO Mr. Funtastic, the CFO Sol Funtastolichivinovski (brother of Mr. Funtastic who Americanized the name for the company), Billy’s grandmother Buella, as well as sentient toys and all sorts of other adventures.

Fun Factory updates Monday through Thursday.  It is highly offensive humor meant for more mature (or immature?) audiences.  If you are easily offended, this is not the comic for you.  Perhaps you’d rather go buy a newspaper and see what Marmaduke is up to?