Today’s comic illustrates a truism of writing comedy: When you need a solid punchline, go for the butt-jokes.  Seriously, Clemens and I spent an entire day on the dialogue for the last panel.  We wanted _something_ to be “influencing” Funtastic, but we just couldn’t agree until we went for the butt.

In other news, I’m playing Mario Kart 7 and I’m having this one issue.  When I win a cup, I feel joy because I won, but I also feel sadness because that means I’m that much closer to finishing Mario Kart.  When I lose a race, I feel bad about losing, but weirdly happy because that loss helps the game last that much longer.  Honestly, Nintendo could put out a Mario Kart game every month and I’d buy it and play it, eagerly waiting for the next one.  It’s just not a game I get sick of.  I rarely have the patience / attention span to finish a game.  The list of games I’ve finished mostly consists of the Mario Karts from Double Dash on and the Batman: Arkham Asylum / City games.  In an era of DLC, why can’t I just subscribe to Mario Kart and get a new cup every month?  It could be mixtures of old courses and new, I don’t care.

I don’t care for playing against people online.  For whatever reason, playing against Someone Somewhere Else just doesn’t do it for me.  If I play with someone, I like to have them in the same room as me.  Sure, the online multiplayer could extend the game, but what do I get out of it?  There aren’t any more characters to unlock, or karts, or anything if I play for the next 10 years online.  It’ll always be these 16 courses forever.  Sigh.

Why must Mario Kart be limited to once per console generation?  Why can’t we get more?