Two midgets equal a full person, right?  Like a Peter Dinklage twofer?

I’ve decided I’m gonna update this comic like crazy.  I’m aiming for every damn day, monday through friday.  If I miss a day, I miss, but we’re going! That said, worse case scenario, you’re getting a bonus comic here and there.

It’s the beginning of our summer semester and I’m really excited about it.  I’ve got a good feeling about this summer.  Speaking of my school, the last past of my blog series about how I do this comic is posted and it’s likely an amazing read.

My wife and I are also thinking about getting sheep.  “Thinking about” means we’re tentatively scheduling to pick up lambs this weekend.  When that happens, expect this blog to get sheep-heavy in content.  Hmmm… how about a story where Funtastic is a shepherd….