Okay, not quite “I shall become a bat” but still you can tell it’s all dramatic because of the lighting.

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I Am Thankful / I Am Angry

It’s the day before American Thanksgiving today.  A lot has happened in my life since the last one.  I want to be thankful because a lot of good things have happened in my life.  Since the last turkey day, I have had another daughter come into the world.  That’s a huge thing.  And yet, this Thanksgiving, something is going to be missing.  Or rather, someone.  My two year old’s godmother passed away last June at the too young age of 23.  It bothers me every damn day.  Every damn day is a little sucky because of this.  She died from a disease that we could cure.  We could.

But we won’t.

The US does not in any meaningful way fund medical research.  Everyone you know is going to die, but a lot of them are going to die too soon because of this.  You should be outraged.  I know I am.

Join us.  Pledge.  Sign.  

Be thankful for those still with us.  And give others a reason to be thankful that a bunch of us were angry and tried to fix a huge problem.