Buella has become a manhunter.  But, will she catch her prey?  Man’s Man doesn’t seem to think so, but maybe he just needs better bait.

It’s the return of the Sentient Reject Toys!  Man, I love those guys.  Of course, we first saw them here, and we last saw them here, for those of you curious about that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, folks have started generously pledging to my Patreon!  While the original goal of the Patreon was to hire an intern to help make this comic, with the recent death of my 21 UX Cintiq, I’m now going to need funds to buy a new Cintiq.  I made this comic with a combination of Cintiqs at my school and my 12 WX Cintiq.  I notice a real difference in line quality drawing on 22 inches versus 12.  Please consider pledging today!  We’re already up to 2 bonus Fun Factory comics in September!  20 more bucks and we have 4 weeks of 4 comics per week in September!