About the Creators of Fun Factory

The Marvelous Patric Lewandowski

The Marvelous Patric Lewandowski is responsible for the art and some of the writing of Fun Factory (mostly the good jokes).  Patric is a veteran of numerous comics, most notably Freaks N Squeeks.  His career began after earning his BFA in Comic Illustration from MCAD.  A few months after graduation, Patric was hired by the Modern Tales spin-off site, GraphicSmash,  to create a graphic novella called The Twisting.  He followed up The Twisting with the super-hero series Aces High.  Patric has also done freelance coloring, most notably of Bill Willingham’s Pantheon.

Patric currently resides in Minnesota, with his wife, step-son, two daughters, mother, two dogs, two cats, and two sheep.

Chuck Clark

Chuck Clark is the original co-creator of Fun Factory.  Chucked worked at a photolab / camera store with Patric, and during lulls, they got weird and ended up creating Fun Factory as a pitch for [adult swim].  It didn’t get picked up, but Patric ended up taking what they made and turning it into this comic.  Chuck left the project when he moved to Iowa, but is still remembered fondly.


Clemens is the mysterious co-writer of Fun Factory currently.  Clemens prefers to keep a secret identify because they have a respectable day job and would prefer to separate out the horribly offensive humor in Fun Factory from that.  All we can really say about Clemens is that they are a land mammal.